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welcome the Sandy Lane Junior Football Club website. It is hoped that the site will make it easier for players, parents and managers to keep up to date with all the happenings at the club.

Sandy Lane Juniors started in the mid 1970’s as a way of providing football for children in the village and was originally linked with the local Methodist Church. From those small beginnings and because of its philosophy it has now developed into one of the largest junior football clubs in the area.

What is our Philosophy?

Simply that no one is ever turned away. Every child is given a chance to play irrespective of ability.

We try to teach the boys and girls that football is played for fun. That doesn’t mean we don’t try to win, we do, and are becoming more and more successful, winning league championships and knockout trophies at a number of age groups in recent years. We recognise that while giving everyone the opportunity to play, those with special talents need to be encouraged to develop their full potential. Coaching and skill development are given prominence by our trainers, most of whom have played football to a good standard themselves, some as professionals and several are qualified F.A. coaches. Indeed, our director of football Alan Nevison is an Academy coach at Bradford City . Alan regularly holds training days with all our coaching staff and players to pass on new and tested training techniques.

In addition to football, a number of social and fundraising events take place during the year in which we encourage both players and their families to participate. We see ourselves very much as a “family club” and actively encourage parents and families to get involved.

While providing plenty of fun, we believe, in order to get the most out of a game it is important to promote discipline as well and to this end we expect all players to behave themselves and to respect the instructions and guidance of their managers, also to participate within a set of players guide-lines.

Managers are expected to operate within guide-lines set down for them which set out to ensure they teach players in the best spirit of the game and don’t use the “to win at all costs” attitude .

If you have any questions about joining our club please send us an email at

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